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Student Membership is open to those who are currently studying Yoga / Yoga therapy at any recognized institution in that country.

Currently participating in any academic program ranging from a certificate program to a doctoral program from any recognized institution in that country. Yoga institutions should be a registered entity within the legal framework of that country. For Diploma, Undergraduate, Post-graduate and Doctoral programs, the institution should be affiliated to a recognized university or conducted by a university itself.

A copy of the admission certification or Student Identity card would be required for confirmation of the Membership.

The fee for Student Membership USD $5 annually.

As a AYTA member, you would be entitled to exclusive access and privileges to the work including research done by member institutions and partners, to events including international conferences, discounts, and other incentives including the following :

  • You will receive monthly newsletters from AYTA with updates on yoga therapy, best research publications of the month, and announcements of upcoming yoga therapy programs across the world.
  • You will receive a discount of up to 50% on the registration fee for all AYTA programs including conferences, seminars and workshops.
  • You will be given first preference for all CYE's conducted by AYTA
  • You will receive a discount up to 50% on any publications from AYTA.
  • You will receive selective discounts on courses conducted by AYTA member institutions across Asia.
  • You may be invited to be part of the AYTA discussion forum to interact with leading yoga therapy consultants across the world.

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For those who are studying Yoga, Yoga Therapy or any other relates course.


For standard 200 Hrs Yoga Instructors from any institution.


For Yoga Academy, Institution, Studios or provider of Yoga services.


For Yoga Therapist and any other equivalent Yoga qualification.

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