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Institutional Membership is open to Yoga organizations working in the field of Yoga therapy and allied health sciences.

Organizations should be incorporated for more than 10 years / or be an Associate of such organizations.

The constitution of the organization, with all the legal information and certificates, the name of the organization, HQ, executive board, members and the structure would be required for confirmation of the Membership.

The fee for Institutional Membership will be USD $100 annually.

  • Your institute will become an AYTA recognized center for yoga therapy.
  • You will contribute to AYTA newsletters and receive regular updates.
  • You will function as a referral center for all programs of AYTA including certification programs in yoga therapy and disease-specific yoga therapy workshops.
  • You will receive technical support to write project proposals for funding, design research studies, conduct and publish the outcome in the indexed journals.
  • Based on the infrastructure and capability, you will be authorized to organize conferences, seminars, workshops with technical support from AYTA.
  • You will get online support from yoga therapy experts for consultations and treatments.
  • Two Representatives will get free registration for all AYTA conferences and seminars. Other members will get 20-50% discounts on the registration fees.
  • You will receive a 50% discount on all publications and other products marketed by AYTA.
  • You will have representation in the general body meetings of AYTA.
  • With 5 years’ experience as an institutional member, you will get voting rights in GBM.

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For those who are studying Yoga, Yoga Therapy or any other relates course.


For standard 200 Hrs Yoga Instructors from any institution.


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