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As the world’s fight against a novel virus continues, learning to face challenges collectively through sharing of latest research developments becomes ever more important. During this unprecedented time it is critical that we ensure new scientific advancements and evidence-based practice updates are disseminated virtually to our colleagues around the globe.

APYTA’s integrated efforts are aimed towards achieving this requirement in the field of yoga. APYTA conducts diverse and inclusive annual conferences. These conferences are international platforms to learn the significant advancements in Yoga therapy and related research, facilitated by preeminent faculty worldwide. The conferences provide a unique learning environment for yoga therapists, clinicians, integrative healthcare professionals, psychology and education professionals interested in yoga research.

  • Aiming to be a leading scientific organization in Yoga therapy APYTA is dedicated to implementing the continuous education of professionals and their permanent evaluation.
  • To be the leader in the elaboration of strategies for the promotion of holistic health.
  • To provide the service to the community and to establish the standards of care and evaluation of yoga therapy practices.
  • To develop research policies and to maintain relationships with the international scientific community.
  • To provide ample opportunities to the attendees to interact with scientists and other experts in the field. It showcases some of the best new research developments in the field.
  • The high profile sessions feature the latest advances in Yoga Therapy and includes presentations of recently completed important findings from major research centers that will influence the yoga therapy related applications.
  • In-depth discussions of recent or innovative research topics in yoga and relevant fields from renowned visionary professionals from all over the world bring the attendees the essentials in the yoga field.
  • Enriching educational sessions regarding specific and pertinent questions with lectures by internationally acclaimed experts in the field of yoga.
  • Practitioners can get accredited knowledge and valuable education by exploring the latest technologies and approaches for their future professional pathway.
  • The young practitioners can discuss their cases with senior experts during highly interactive sessions.
  • Sessions can be found throughout the Topic Programs released by APYTA.

In future it will be a great challenge for us to present a scientific meeting of this scale via online streaming through digital medium, let us tackle the challenges we face together. Although online meetings may cause you some inconvenience, we will do our best to create a model for future meetings. We would highly appreciate your understanding and support.

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