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APYTA contributes to the growth and development of yoga through their/our training programs and by supporting the development and implementation of credible professional standards through their membership program. By choosing to be a member, you can avail of all the benefits and incentives offered by APYTA.

Join now and be part of a visionary and well-connected/well established yoga community.

Under APYTA membership categories, an Individual / Associate membership is open to yoga practitioners, yoga teachers, yoga therapists, health care practitioners who use yoga in their practice, and yoga researchers. School membership is open to individuals, studios, schools, and other institutions offering yoga therapy training programs.

Benefits of APYTA Membership

  • Access to qualified resources, research data and networking. Our membership acts as a platform for yoga practitioners/Therapists/Institutions to enhance their career prospects, thereby securing a respectable position in their relevant fields.

  • Access to employment guidance for budding professionals based on qualifications and eligibility.

  • APYTA keeps members connected with their peers in the yoga fraternity and updated with ongoing developments in the field of yoga and related sciences, an undeniable requirement for all aspiring yoga professionals given the emphasis on yoga research in the past few decades.

  • APYTA's member’s credentials are globally recognized and represent high quality, safe, accessible, respectful, and equitable yoga teaching in communities around the world. Hence it acts as a seal of authenticity for yoga therapy professionals practicing yoga around the world. While representing an association in the respective country/area/region as a member of APYTA, you can get higher recognition internationally with ease.
  • As an APYTA member, you would be entitled to exclusive access and privileges to the work including research done by member institutions and partners, events including international conferences, discounts, and other incentives.

  • Enlistment in our yoga professional membership directory makes it easier to build your network as you will be easily accessible to those seeking your service through an authentic channel, This assures the practicing public that as an APYTA member, you would maintain a high level of teaching ability and accountability.

  • We reach out to key organizations -which provide products and/or services that we believe can benefit yoga therapists- to partner with us in serving our membership. Each chosen organization's mission/vision is complementary to and supportive of APYTA’s mission and members can utilize these services for their benefits subject to the terms and conditions set.
Denial or Revocation of Membership

Responsible and ethical behavior on the part of individuals, yoga therapists, and yoga therapy training programs is mandatory for the members representing APYTA. Though Individuals / Institutions / Practitioners can easily avail the membership by meeting the criteria mentioned, the APYTA governing body reserves the right to deny or revoke membership in the cases where any deviation is evident apart from the guidelines and terms of agreement set by APYTA.

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