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Modern research and the heritage of ancient yoga practices are the pillars on which the foundation of yoga therapy must be laid. Yoga therapy and its future as an integrated complementary science is dependent on combining the authentic ancient knowledge with scientific evidence based research and using it to precision in improving an individual’s quality of health and life. Dependable research from years of observation and study, based on age old yoga principles holds the key to the success of yoga therapy in the treatment of wide spectrum of ailments including NCD’s.

Visionaries of yoga therapy from India are making a bold commitment in support of shared vision to sustain the future of yoga therapy. They are focusing on empowering the evidence base research of authentic practices and accelerating their recognition worldwide. Renowned gurus and organizations like, S-VYASA and AYTA are making an extraordinary impact in bringing priceless ancient yogic wisdom to the science fraternity’s attention by eliminating regional barriers. A strategic step in the age of digital networking and global coalitions to proliferate yoga and its dissemination.

Research in yoga therapy field needs a common platform to facilitate collaboration among peers to advance scientific breakthroughs without delays or obstacles. This platform could be used as a base for reflection, debate, and innovative thinking. Where new cross disciplinary generation of researchers could seek guidance of the veterans to solve the challenges they face during the process of their research and studies. Research in yoga therapy also demands strict vigilance of renowned yoga gurus with the potential to propel it to its best application with right approach. AYTA facilitates this requirement and acts as a catalyst in the research field by connecting pioneers, young aspiring researchers, practitioners, students and related institutions.

AYTA Research

In line with its core values to make an extraordinary impact in bringing yoga therapy as a complementary science to people’s lives, AYTA created strategically focused research networks. Our bold research vision is to ensure that AYTA is at the forefront of global changes, emphasizing on collaborative and team research. To spearhead groundbreaking evidence based studies and to accelerate progress toward its mission, AYTA continually enhances and refines its research working strategies. AYTA’s annual conferences are the very tools conceptualized to fuel the scientific research and translating it in to study based records. Through integrated scientific research vision AYTA is propelling the works of many of India’s researchers and continuing to do so across Asia.

AYTA aims to become the pioneer in standardizing yoga therapy applications and its scientific breakthroughs and developments. In order to be in the best position to carry out its mission AYTA is committed to creating avenues for sharing of knowledge with multidisciplinary collaboration and partnerships. This style of peer inclusion, data-sharing, and open-channel discussion will serve as a foundation for future research endeavors in the field of yoga therapy.

AYTA Research is based on a vision which is strongly focused on :
  • Translating research into medical advancements
  • Guidelines for yoga therapy service providers
  • To be at forefront of the research developments in the field of yoga therapy.
  • To act as an effective tool to evaluate the merit of research.
  • To support the work of researchers in yoga therapy through guidance and support.
  • To bring together researchers from top institutes to collaborate, exposing them to ongoing parallel research topics while experts scrutinize the work and give them the required inputs and suggestions.
AYTA – Leader in Yoga Therapy Research

Over the year’s significant progress has been made in our ability to understand ancient yoga practices, the scientific reasoning behind them and in successfully translating some of them into methods to treat various ailments. This success is the result of few passionate hard working pioneers and organizations in the field of yoga, who have dedicated their lives to yoga and related research for the benefit of the world community. Founders of Anvesana, Research facility at S-VYASA University, Bangalore, Dr. H. R. Nagendra & Dr. R. Nagaratna, the expert fraternity in the field of yoga therapy are the leading members of AYTA and its research mission. The basic scientific approach towards monitoring the benefits of yoga practice in Asthma was one of their initial works that brought yoga into the limelight for its therapeutic values. Their studies are based on understanding the biology of yoga at multiple levels – physical planes to more subtle planes of existence with the aid of the best technology available to mankind.

Research Interestsin Yoga Therapy
  • Physiological effects of yoga practices
  • Therapeutic applications of yoga
  • Yoga for rehabilitation
  • Yoga for perception and performance
  • Higher states of consciousness
Research Groups
  • Molecular Bioscience Laboratory
  • Psychophysiology Laboratory
  • Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory
  • Psychology Laboratory
  • Bio-energy Laboratory

Adopt a Research Project

Adopt a Research Project', is a program which gives opportunity to individuals from all walks of life to contribute and be a part of our emerging research projects. Individuals or companies can choose research projects of their interest, fund and adopt a research project of their own or make a smaller contribution towards the research project.

Various interesting research projects are available to choose from across various fields like- on Diabetes, Cancer, Stress, Depression, Geriatric (old age) problems, Night shift workers and also unique project trying to understand the science behind spirituality and traditional practices of our country like yajna, homa, etc.

Donor Benefits
  • Tax exemption
  • Complementary yoga sessions and workshops for your employees
  • Acknowledgement in research publications
  • Opportunity to be a part of the world class research
  • Self satisfaction of being a part of the health revolution
Researcher Benefits
  • Avoid longer waiting periods in research funding agencies
  • Can work on the 'quality' of their research projects
  • Self-sustainability
  • Establish public-private partnership, to catalyze a large scale health revolution
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