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Building yoga therapy from a solid foundation of scientifically proven knowledge and continuously seeking research breakthroughs AYTA brings yoga therapy as an evidence base science to improve an individual’s health and well being. AYTA’s digital library is one of its tools to achieve this mission through sharing and networking of research materials across peer and general community.

As research in yoga therapy today demands an environment where ideas can be exchanged, examined, and applied, a source of authentic data becomes all the more crucial.

Yoga is a way of life comprising of various physical, lifestyle practices and dietary guidelines authenticated by gurus and seers through years of practice and study regime. These authentic guidelines and research material are only available through channels of established organizations like S-VYASA and AYTA. To discover the true knowledge of yoga and yoga therapy practice in its original ancient forms one needs to search and explore pages of the priceless heritage books along with research publications, peer reviewed paper presentations by eminent institutions, and ancient texts preserved through AYTA Digital Library and its research publications. This service lets users gain knowledge shared from the community, and helps to make improvements to research manuscripts prior to a peer review in a journal or a presentation. Users can also learn about breakthroughs in the field and comments on new discoveries.


Features of AYTA Digital Library
Finding relevant of information is only the beginning of the journey to building a knowledgebase in any research area.

The AYTA digital library is a reliable source and one-stop searching point for print and electronic content across a wide variety of yoga therapy related platforms. It contains classical heritage books and eBooks, articles, journals, and other holdings related to yoga, research in yoga therapy and complimentary sciences. Peer-reviewed articles and papers which are the medium through which reputations are built and knowledge is spread in a fraternity are a major part of AYTA library collection. AYTA digital library is designed to support your research journey, enable research, enhance career management and empower you to make a greater impact in the field of yoga.

AYTA members may sign in using username and password to personalize your experience:
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  • Quick search – results contain all of your search terms. These may match keywords in a title, author names, subjects, abstract or other descriptions.
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