Completed Projects

Research Projects Completed and Grants received during the last Five Years
(funded by National / International Agencies)
2011 -2016

SNo Title of the Project Funding Agency Investigator Duration Amount
1 Cerebral auto regulation and sympathetic nervous system activity (SNS) while performing cognitive tasks during yoga practices which have different effects on SNS SERB, Dept. of Science & technology, Govt. of India

Dr. Deepeshwar Singh, Asst. Professor, S-VYASA Yoga University


2016-2018, 3 Years 33,76,290/-
2 Effect of Yoga practices on DNA damage in healthy and clinical population University Grants Commission (UGC)

Dr. Ramesh M N, Professor,, S-VYASA Yoga University


2016-2018, 2Years 27,00,000/-
3 Effect of yoga on ambulatory glucose profile in type 2 diabetes mellitus TVS Ltd.

Dr. Ramesh M N, Professor, S-VYASA Yoga University


2016-2018, 2Years 5,00,000/-
4 Effect of Fresh Coconut in A Balanced Diet A Randomized Comparative Study Coconut Development Board, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India

Dr Manjunath N K, Professor, S-VYASA yoga University


2015-2016, 1 Year, 14,97,000/-
5 Brain Hemodynamics, Cognition and Subtle Energy Levels in Teenagers: Investigation of Potential Acute Effects of Mobile Phone Induced EMF and the Protective Value of Yoga Intervention Department of Science and Technology, Government of India

Dr Hemant Bhargav, Asst.Professor, S-VYASA Yoga University


2015-2016, 2 Years 26,84,884/-
6 Anger Assessment and Yogic management of Anger in High School Children; A Randomised Control Study Sri Venkateswara Vedic University,Tirupathi

Dr H R Nagendra. Chancellor, S-VYASA Yoga University


2015-2016, 1 Year 9,76,350/-
7 Mapping Neurophysiological,Neurochemical and Cerebral blood flow changes in attentional processes related to Yoga Department of Science and Technology (DST), Govt. of India, New Delhi.

Dr. Shirley Telles


2012 - 2014, 2 Years 81,56,400/-
8 Development and Validation of Defense Implicit Association Test and Guna Implicit Association Test Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO), Govt. of India, New Delhi.

Dr H R Nagendra


2011 - 2013, 3 Years 16,98,000/-
9 Neurophysiological Correlates of Phases of Wakefulness and Sleep in Meditators Indian Council of Medical Research, New Delhi

Dr. Shirley Telles


2007 - 2012, 5 Years 1,08,98,120/-
10 The effect of yoga in prevention of pregnancy complications in high risk pregnancies – a randomized controlled trial Central Council for Research in Yoga & Naturopathy (CCRYN), Govt. of India, New Delhi

Dr. R Nagarathna


2010 - 2012, 2 Years 25,40,244/-
11 Research Developmental Gant Dept. of AYUSH, Govt. of Karnataka

Dr H R Nagendra


2013 - 2014, 2 Years 5,00,00,000/-

Total Amount



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