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Noble Cause

This association is dedicated to the noble cause of serving the ailing and to promote a positive life style through sincere and devoted service. The association strives to take the latest techniques and research in the field of yoga, to make it available to the remotest parts of the world.

Different from regular Yoga

What is yoga therapy and how is it different from regular yoga! Yoga therapy is a system of healing in which any specific ailment is approached in a holistic way. It generally deals with non-communicable diseases (NCD’s) and life style disorders.

Whereas regular yoga is way of better life which can be practices for positive health..

Asian Yoga Therapy Association

Asian Yoga Therapy Association is one of the first endeavors in the field of yoga to collaborate different Yoga therapy professionals and institutions to promote evidence based Yoga therapy across Asian Sub continent. This association was first founded in the year 2016.

The Asian yoga therapy association was established in the year 2015 to realize a long standing wish among the yoga therapists to get together for the purpose of sharing each other’s experiences and standardized yoga therapy.

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Our Vision

Create Professionals

To create a forum for professionals involved in yoga therapy that is doctors, yoga therapist and yoga teachers..

Establish Standards

To establish standards for yoga therapy based clinical services and yoga therapy education.

Create Opportunities

To create job and business opportunities globally.

Facilitate Interaction

To network all the stake holders, to facilitate interaction and collaboration between them.

Spread Knowledge

Dissemination of knowledge through official annual international conferences, seminars and disease specific yoga therapy workshops.

Create Expertise

To create a directory of practitioners and therapists.

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